Compassionate Emergency Veterinary Care

Your pets are part of the family. We provide our clients and their pets with the absolute best veterinary care in the inductry. Our goal is that your pets live long, healthy lives....and we give them the best possible chance with highly trained clinicians in our state-of-the-art veterinary medical facility.

Expert Clinicians

Only the best educated and most experienced veterinarians provide the highest standard of small animal medicine for your loved ones.

Compassionate Care

Highly compassionate veterinary care and personalized, expert attention in a stress-free environment with trained practitioners.

Convenient Location

Located just a few minutes off exit 113 on the I-40 corridor in Burke County, NC between Hickory and Morganton.

Modern Veterinary Hospita;

Modern veterinary medicine can only be practiced in a modern facility. All of the best medicine, diagnostics, treatments and therapies now under one roof for your convenience.

Latest Technology

No doctor can just touch an animal and conclusively render a diagnosis. That's literally called ``quackery.`` We use cutting-edge technology to render and support scientific medical analysis and treatment.

Exceptional Veterinary Service

Owning a pet costs money and responsible pet owners acknowledge that. We believe that the best veterinary medicine, performed by competent and compassionate professionals, should be affordable to everyone.